Maoriblatta novaeseelandiae

Blattidae  : Polyzosteriinae  : Polyzosteriini

This is the large black kekerengu, or "black bug, or "stink-roach" that is so common amongst the driftwood and sand-dunes of the North Island and northern parts of the South Island to Kekerengu in the south (see also Parellipsidion conjunctum and Celeriblattina minor.. It is also in many forests of the north. The scale-like tegmina are very similar in males and females but are absent in juveniles. The tergites and tegmina are always distinctly pitted (see photo) unlike the almost smooth integument of Maoriblatta rufoterminata and Tryonicus parvus. Note that its tegmina are separated from the mesonotum right to their base adjacent to or under the margin of the pronotum. This feature distinguishes it from the very similar Platyzosteria morosa (see it for other distinguishing features).

Text updated: 3/09/2014