Family: Blattidae    Subfamily: Polyzosteriinae    Tribe: Polyzosteriini
Genus and species:

This is the large black kekerengu, or "black bug, or "stink-roach" that is so common amongst the driftwood and sand-dunes of the North Island and northern parts of the South Island to Kekerengu in the south (see also

This little black native cockroach is often mistaken as a juvenile of the larger Maoriblatta novaeseelandiae. It is distinguished by its reddish tip to the antennae and stronger reddish tinge to the legs. It is mu...

Another Australian species from the vicinity of Adelaide. It is common in a natural, but not native coastal habitat just south of Whangarei close to the port and oil storage area of Marsden Point.
It is the same si...