Odontria striata

Scarabaeidae  : Melolonthinae

The identity of the species raises a taxonomic problem as it appears that three species have been included under this name. It is the species on which the genus is based. The original specimens were collected before 1843 in Otago, possibly near the then newly established whaling station and farm in the area close to present day townships of Waikouaiti and Karitane. Today, two similar species exist in that area and another from further north has also been included. The problem is which of the two local species should carry the name. Variation in one of the species that is distributed south onto Stewart Island and its similarity to the flightless Prodontria longitarsis is a key feature in the understanding the relationships between the genera Odontria and Prodontria. Another similar flightles species occurs immediately to the north of Waikouaiti.

Text updated: 27/07/2014