Odontria australis

Scarabaeidae  : Melolonthinae

Up to six species of the following may occur at any one site in Canterbury at least. O. australis, O. autumnalis, O. smithii, O. aurantia, O. varicolorata, O. sp. aff. rufescens, O. occiputale, O. sp. aff. occiputale , together with at least two species of Costelytra and a Prodontria in South Canterbury. Species similar to O. striata may also be present. For adults the favoured food plants are matagouri (Discaria toumatou), Aristotelia fruticosa, Cassinia sp, Coprosma spp., Olearia sp and hebes. Dracophyllum spp. and other members of the "grey shrub" vegetation complex are not known to be food plants for these scarabs.

Text updated: 29/12/2013