Neoferonia integrata

Carabidae  : Harpalinae  : Pterostichini

There is a complex of species from Hokitika northwards into the mountains of Northwest Nelson. N. integrata is possibly the most widespread and based on present identifications is distributed from Hokitika, through Grey valley, inland into the southern portions of Nelson in the Buller Valley. It reaches the coast where in the Paparoa Range between Greymouth and Westport there are also at least three similar but undescribed species. Slightly north of Westport lies Neoferonia prasignis, and further north there are several more undescribed species. However, several specimens ftrom inland sites have been identified as N. integrata but are certainly not and are unnamed. At higher levels around the Mt Owen- Mt Arthur massif lie Neoferonia ardua and Neoferonia truncatula. There is further complex of several species, all undescribed, lying in the foothills of eastern Nelson north to Durville Island. Those are associated with the boundary between Zeopoecilus putus and Zeopoecilus calcaratus. The genus may well have more than 20 species in it. No species of this genus is in the North Island

Text updated: 6/08/2013