Neocicindela General notes

Carabidae  : Carabinae  : Cicindelini

Recently the New Zealand tiger beetles were separated into two groups, each having its own genus name. There is now Neocicindela with 6 species and Zecicindela with 12 species. They are similar but one feature which separates them is the form of the front edge of the labrum, in front and between the eyes. This has a single central triangular spine or point and a smaller one nearby on each side in members of Neocicindela. Zecicindela has but one central spine. Neocicindela species tend to live away from water but those of Zecicindela are always close to it. All species are sun-loving, but surprisingly N. spilleri is mostly active at night or in the shade, foraging and mating, It even ventures out during cold misty nights. Apart from N. spilleri there are few night observations so others may also have this habit.

All the records published by Cassola & Morovec (2011) are gradually being added once their sites are converted to grid references suitable for this program. Similarly all the records made by S

Text updated: 30/07/2018