Megadromus rectangulus

Carabidae  : Harpalinae  : Pterostichini

This species, Megadromus wallacei and Megadromus rectalis should be considered together as they share many areas but not discrete habitats. Megadromus rectalis is essentially an cold tolerant species living in relatively rocky, shrub and tussock habitats of the northern mountains of Canterbury, much of Marlborough and into Nelson. Similarly Megadromus wallacei lives in the rocky slopes of the Kaikoura ranges. However, Megadromus rectangulus is a lowland shrub and forest species often living close to lakes, ponds or swamps. Both are relatively common of Motunau Island just off the coast north of Christchurch. Megadromus rectangulus is on the steep slopes often associated with the relatively wet burrows of penguins whereas Megadromus rectalis is on the stony shoreline ledges and dry, tussocky flat top of the island. Its greenish reflections of the elytra distinguish it from the shiny black Megadromus rectalis.

Text updated: 25/07/2016