Gynoplistia magnifica

Limoniidae  : Hexatominae  : Hexatomini

Gynoplistia magnifica and Gynoplistia notata are very similar though the latter has brachypterous females. Both are large 17-23 mm (male wing 14 20 mm). Easily distinguished on their wing markings and terminalia. The 9th tergite of G. notata has two small sharp median points whilst that of G. magnifica is evenly convex or has the slightest indication of a median lobe. Most records of this species come from the southern portion of the South Island. There is one specimen, presently recorded as G. notata, taken at Peel Forest South-Canterbury. The wing pattern lacks the basal spot in cell R and is much more like the pattern seen in the male. Typical G. magnifica females are known from nearby localities.

Text updated: 30/07/2018