Celatoblatta anisoptera

Blattidae  : Polyzosteriinae  : Methanini

The common cockroach of the dry rock fields and Nothofagus forests of the Mackenzie Basin and similar sites in South Canterbury/ North Otago. In its very western, high rainfall sites such as at Aorangi National Park it occurs only in well-drained rock screes which it may share with Celatoblatta hesperia. It favours sites that have broken rocks, stone piles and screes covered in shrub vegetation, especially if dominated by matagouri (Discaria toumatou) and Aciphylla species.
The males have tegmina that meet in the middle and are rounded at the apex. Females have slightly shorter tegmina that are almost rectangular. In both cases they are shorter than the quadrate tegmina of Celatoblatta hesperia.,

Text updated: 17/01/2007