Family: Scarabaeidae    Subfamily: Dynastinae    Tribe: Pentadontini
Genus and species:

all Auckland Museum specimens not recorded as species - though they may be identified

Pericoptus populations which live in dry inland sand dunes and sandy patches within or adjacent to the beds of the southern braided rivers, the Clutha, Wairau, Waiau, Waimakariri, Rakaia, Rangitata, and similar h...

One of the several species of moderately large scarab beetles that live on the maritime sanddunes from Dunedin to north of Christchurch. It is similar to the Clutha riverine sanddune species P. frontalis.

A species name which has to be resurrected from synonymy. There are two species on the Otago coasts near Dunedin: Pericoptus punctatus and Pericoptus stupidus the latter being relatively uncommon. How the t...

To be extended once more data is entered into the basic database. Known to be widely distributed, but all records must be checked.